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New Project: Light Emitting Wheel Diodes

posted 7 Dec 2011, 07:55 by Alexander Wegner   [ updated 7 Dec 2011, 08:12 ]
I've started a new project called Light Emitting Wheel Diodes (LEWD). It is part of a huge project called eBike. 
We are building an electric driven bicycle and LEWD is responsible for the lighting of the bike. To make this a little more interesting, i'll use spinning LEDs mounted on the wheels.


I got the idea from some brilliant guys, who are developing this system right now and planning to sell this starting in March 2012. Check for more information.

The project site will be added soon. I'll frequently update with fresh information and the current state of the project.
I'm still working on my other projects and will be adding some new information as well.