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Swift Project: Music Game "Sequently"

posted 20 Jun 2017, 06:29 by Alexander Wegner   [ updated 20 Jun 2017, 06:35 ]

 I had a great epiphany about a music game based on the classic tabletop game Simon with different game modi. The idea is to memorize a sequence of tunes and colors and to replay them in the right order. The number of items in the sequence in increased by one each turn. 
I've figured out four modi. The classic one is with four colors and tunes. Each game is totally random. The second game mode is similar, but with eight different tunes and colors. 
Game mode pattern will be about a series of patterns made of the known eight colors and tunes. Stage one starts with one item. The number of items is increased with each stage by one. Each pattern for each stage is unique and will be always the same each try.
The second pattern mode is the same, but this time the pattern will change each try.

I've started programming some weeks ago and I got a working prototype and a small video about the gameplay. The "Four Dots" mode is almost finished. Saving the high core is the only issue missing. As usual all the source file can be found on my GitHub repository: 
Have fun with it.


# iOS_Game_004 "Sequently"

- Challenge "8 Dots"
- Challenge "Pattern"
- Challenge "Pattern random"
- Save score for each challenge
- Save settings

ver 0.13
- New sound effects added 

ver 0.12
- App icon added
- Some functions have been moved and rewritten
- Shake function added, which can shake any shape for wrong user input
- Problems with playing the sequence solved
- Twitter functionality added
- "Game over" screen added with retry button and twitter button
- Basic game functions of "4 Dots" added:  
  - Sequence starts with 1 tune
  - If the user input is in the right order, one new tune is added to the sequence and the whole sequence is played. The user cannot interact with the dots, while the sequence is played.
  - Back button cancels the playing sequence
  - If the user input is wrong, the wrong dot shakes

ver 0.11
- New sounds for buttons
- The tiles are now symmetrically arranged
- Video mode for displaying touches (white circle)
- Score added
- Sound on/off button and functionality added
- Game menu added
- Game interface added to "4 Dots" challenge

ver 0.10
- Basic concept
- Game name: "Sequently"
- Game grid 7x12 added
- New challenge: "4 Dots"
- Sounds for "4 Dots" added: C4-F4-G4-C5
- Colors for all 8 dots:  
  - 01: purple: 93 80 176  
  - 02: pink: 235 128 177  
  - 03: blue: 0 109 196  
  - 04: light blue: 2 176 195  
  - 05: green: 0 130 54  
  - 06: yellow: 217 222 1  
  - 07: orange: 239 109 7  
  - 08: red: 224 68 81  
- Sequence can be played
- Dots can fade in and out
- Back button for "4 Dots"