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New project: LED Table - First steps

posted 30 Aug 2011, 01:14 by Alexander Wegner   [ updated 31 Aug 2011, 00:41 ]

I've started a new project. The goal is to build a 9x9 RGB LED coffee table. The 81 LEDs will be controlled via bluetooth or WLAN from a PC.

This project can be found here: µC Projects -> LED Table

I added my first approaches to the project site and some videos.

Nine LEDs are driven by a ATTiny2313 and each LED can be addressed individually via PC's serial interface. A MAX232 is doing the voltage level adaptation. The 4x4 test matrix consists of 2x8 LEDs with two µC.

I'm using MTTTY to interface with the COM port right now, but I'm already programming a java GUI which will do the job prospectively.

I'll constantly update my progress.