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Update: Project Light Emitting Wheel Diodes

posted 6 Jun 2012, 05:00 by Alexander Wegner   [ updated 6 Jun 2012, 06:07 ]
Here are some news about the bike light project. Prototype two is finished and mounted on the front wheel of an electrical bicycle. I have some brand new pictures and videos for you.

This is the second prototype. The LEDs are directly mounted on aluminium rims. The logic and power supply is located in a small box at the center of the wheel.

Spinning at daylight...

...and at night 

The next step is to improve the housing and to shrink the micro controller. A better power source would be nice well. I'm currently working on an induction based power supply for this project, but I'm not sure if it's working.
Check out the videos at the bottom of this post. They were taken by night last weekend. I'm sorry about the rear wheel. It's equipped with the first prototype, which is still buggy. At the end, it ran out of energy.