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Turbo Robo - Robot Programming Tool

Please see Turbo Robo Help File for the complete documentation.


The idea was to create a point&click software which enables everyone to program a robot (see Turbo Robo Education Kit) without any knowledge of µC programming.
Movements of the motors and information of the sensors are represented by icons which can be arranged in logical order.
A sensor can start a reaction of the robot. This makes it easy to interact with the environment. The program can be tested with a simulator or directly programmed to the robot.


Fig: Main screen

Fig: Simulator

Fig: Simulated track


All Example can be found in the documentation.

Follow a White Line

Fig: Line follower

The robot will follow a white line on a dark floor. You can adjust the brightness values to your setup. If the infrared sensors on the ground detect the white line, the robot will interrupt the main program and slightly adjust its movement (right sensor leads to a small right curve, left sensor leads to a small left curve). After correcting the course, the main program will be restarted.

Program setup:



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