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Thesis Introduction and Concept

Still under construction


Implementation of a battery management system with battery management controllers in an electrical car with small power (up to 10kW) and development, realization and implementation of an energy management system.

Electric Car

We have two buggies and one of them was already equipped with an DC motor. The second buggy will be converted as well. A college of mine will do this as a part of his thesis.


This is my buggy.

Side view.

Back view.

Key features



This is the quick and dirty concept of the car. It was drawn about one year ago and is not up to date. 

I have to manage 15 batteries in total. Five batteries are combined to a battery pack, that's three packs. Each pack will be monitored and balanced by one battery management controller (BMC).
The BMCs are connected via a separated CAN bus with a control unit, the battery management system (BMS).

The BMS will have the following task:
  • Collects data from BMCs and other sensors (temperature, current via LEM etc.)
  • Confirms and revokes motor enabling
  • Safety shutdown (protects driver, engine and/or batteries)
  • Transmits combined and filtered data to the vehicle control unit (VCU) via CAN
  • Makes up the balance of consumed and input energy
  • Calculates state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH)
  • Estimates the energy left in the batteries and the remaining range in kilometers
This is my first function block diagram I've drawn. 


This is my pretty desk and equipment I use for work and my thesis. I like it so damn much :)