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Week 04 - Soldering...still

Well, this is the fourth week of my thesis and it looks pretty much the same like the week before

I'm still soldering my boards. I finally got my hands on two micro controllers, which I need for the BMCs. It's the XC2267 and it's sold out everywhere. A prof of mine found two of them, so I could start with top layer.

The top layer has 174 parts and I'm still missing some MOSFETs and voltage regulators, but FedEx will hopefully deliver them on Monday of the next week.
Anyway, I got two of the XCs and started soldering them on my PCBs. The XC has to be soldered with hot air, so I couldn't start with other parts.

This is how it looks like.

I put the XC and the LTC in place with hot air. Afterwords I started to solder the other parts.

This is a almost finished version. It will be the first prototype to run a functionality test (fingers crossed that everything works like it should).

The clips on the top of the picture are the connectors for the battery cells.
This is a closeup :)

Well, besides the soldering I did some literature research and started with formatting my thesis document.
Here is a new figure as well, which tries to explain the whole system in a function block diagram.

That's it for this week. I hope I can start with some functionality test next week.