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Week 05 - Problems with customs, still soldering and some paper work

This is the fifth week of my thesis. I'm still waiting for some parts passing the customs.
But on Friday afternoon, it finally happened. The remaining parts arrived.

This was the first package with the XC and some voltage regulators. The second packaged has arrived some hours later with the MOSFETs. So I can finally finish the soldering in the next week and hopefully run the first functionality test.

Meanwhile I had to do some other things in this week. I've drawn some new figures for my written thesis. Yes, we CAN.

This is a general CAN bus setup.

These are the voltage levels for a CAN high and CAN low for a low speed CAN.

I've also soldered the second BMC, still with missing parts. But as all parts have arrived on Friday, I will finish all BMCs in the next weeks. I'll focus on the functionality test of the first module.

Front and rear side of a BMC.

Close up :)

There is also another project, which I've started in the fifth week and will continue in the next weeks. It's about displaying the current cell voltages on a display. The display will be mounted on the battery box to monitor the cells.
The car, I'm working on, will be displayed on a fair in some weeks and I doubt I will have finished the BMS till than. So the idea is to implement the display to safely charge and discharge the battery (but manually).
The display is connected via CAN to the CAN bus of the BMS and will simply read out the
battery data.

This is my first setup. I simulated CAN messages with the CAN monitor and everything worked pretty well.

The cells are numbered from 1 to 15 and the voltage is displayed beneath. If one cells reaches a critical level, I'll let the battery blink or something.

Stay tuned for the next update next week.