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Week 06 - CAN display prototype and finally finishing the first BMCs

This is the sixth week of my thesis. I had two days off so not much happened.
I could finally solve the problems with the customs and could finish two BMCs.

Now all parts are placed.

Close up.

I ran some hardware test and everything seemed to work perfectly. I'll begin with programming next week to test the XC and it's peripherals. If everything is working fine, I can start with the BMC software (reading out the data register of the LTC and send the data via CAN bus).

I also continued working on my CAN display. I transferred everything on a PCB and did some improvements on the software. The software is not finished yet, because I'm not sure about which information will be send via CAN bus and with which ID. But this is just ten minutes of work.

Here some pictures of the first prototype.

Side view.

Back view, the wiring.

I also ordered a case for the LEM CAN module and the CAN display module. They will arrive next week. If everything fits, I can start integrating them into the vehicle.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for the next week update.