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Week 07 - Programming the XC and case for the CAN display

This is the seventh week and I could finally start programming the XC with Tasking VX. Tasking VX is a Eclipse based IDE. The XC can be configured with DAvE.

I've started with some blinking LEDs and proceeded with CAN messaging.
This is the first setup of a whole system. The BMC, the LEM CAN module and a controlling device (CAN display) are connected via a CAN bus.
The LEM CAN module delivers information about the current following and the BMC about the voltages across the cells (in this case, the voltages are simulated). The display has two functions. Firstly it's responsible for displaying all information and secondly it detects whether a device on the CAN bus is online, offline or there is a bus error. These status are displayed as well.
A device is considered as offline, if no message arrives within 500ms.

The display has two modes, which switch every two seconds.
The first mode show the system with the component status and the current flowing (value and direction).

The second mode displays the cell voltages of each particular cell.
I also added a ISP connector to the display for easy programming and three status LEDs. Green stands for "everything okay", red symbolizes a bus error/offline device and yellow is currently unused.

I also added a housing to the display. The case fits not perfectly, but it's okay for the first prototype.

Wiring of the display, now with LEDs and ISP connector.

Housing cabling.

I also started testing the LTC, but I've still some problems. The board is designed for the LTC6802-1 and I've soldered the LTC6803-1. They seem to be identical, but there are some minor differences. 

I hope I can fix this problem in the next week.