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Week 09 - Test with three stacks

This is the ninth week of my thesis. I could finally test all three modules on three stack of batteries. The batteries I used are a little bit smaller, but of the same type and production line.

First of all I had to charge 15 batteries.

I use three power supplies from the company Delta Electronics. Each power supply can deliver 40V and 40A max, so more than enough for my needs.
I couldn't not charge all cells in series, because they were totally asymmetric.

After some days I could finally connect all together and mount my BMCs to the stacks.

everything seems to work perfectly. I've implemented some more features. The BMS can now detect to lowest and highest cell voltage.

Next steps are to implement a balancing algorithm and the coulomb counting for determining the state of charge.
I started with writing on my thesis and will continue so next week. Maybe there will be only small updates in the next weeks.

After the buggy has returned from the fair, I can start installing the BMCs in the car and start with the final steps...but before I'll write on my thesis.